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pedigree ragdoll cats.


Holiday Accommodation ( now 2 to choose from)

“RagdollRagdoll cottage 4.11   Cottage” The purrrfect place for a very relaxing holiday, yet handy to all of Northland’s delightful tourist locations. Quiet, clean and comfortable.

New conservatory, with dining and BBQ . Also a  large, private , screened spa pool, just for my guests  to use.

Clean, Quiet,  Comfortable., and affordable.(four star )

Have a look on the “Holiday Accommodation” page for more details.


Brand new,big, and  Luxurious. Two  bedrooms, and large living area. Sleeps up to 6 people.

( four star +) Top quality fittings at family rates.

Details on ” Black Cat Page”

Come and visit the cats (and kittens) and hand feed the pet sheep, the donkeys,  and the chickens.


B.C. Cottage .October

















 Come May 2014, guests will be able to bring their own pets along on holidays with them.

 There are three animal “condos”  for cats and dogs, or guinea pigs, rabbits, birds, or even horses and pet lambs, in the paddocks.

 Conditions will apply, as this is a rural area, and no animals will be permitted into the actual cottages, but this is a free service for animal lovers.

We supply water bowls, and you supply the food.

 A cleaning fee of $40 on departure applies.




If you are looking to buy the perfect pedigree kitten , or to have a relaxing holiday, then look at these pages.

I have been breeding Ragdoll Cats  for the past 12 years, and discovered the breed, when I had my own Boarding Cattery. Two came in to stay, and I didn’t want to let them go!

I was smitten with the breed, as they were just so different to all the rest. Ragdolls are so very special.

The breed was developed in America as easy care apartment cats, and they are quite happy to be ’home alone’ while the family are at work.

They are extremely affectionate, and stay very playful as adults.

All my mothers and babies are raised in my home.The kittens are born in my bedroom.

They let me (the food and litter tray provider), live with them.

The Tom has his own apartment, and the girls go to visit him come mating time.

My boy is trained to go for walks on a collar and lead, and he really enjoys this time in the paddocks and gardens.

These cats are raised in the lap of luxury. They get the very best of food and attention, and are cuddled from day one. They go to their new home at around 10 to 12 weeks of age, and are vaccinated, Vet checked, and de-sexed before they leave home.

Ragdolls are very entertaining cats, they are gentle and social. They adapt to living totally indoors, if you wish, but really need to be shut indoors at night. They are content to be just where their owner is.

This makes them just the cat to take on holiday with you.They generally travel well, and are quite content just  to stay where their owner is.

Sealpoint boy 005Ragdolls have become quite famous  on TV adds. My big tabbypoint boy is currently the star in the Mammoth home insulation adds.   He is just stunning, and so laid back.

One of my boys, Vinny, lives in South Korea, and has been taught to use a toilet, and to flush it when finished.

They are very easy to train. Very nosey, and very intelligent.

They make wonderful companions for all ages.

Shown here are some of my kittens from this past year.

They are oozing confidence, and full of personality.

My kittens come with a Registered NZCF Pedigree Certificate.

They are pure bred kittens. Not interbred with other breeds. (that creates genetic faults)